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Tired of heavy routine work for pennies and want to change - create your own blog which can actually become quite good source of income, and even bring a multimillion-dollar revenue if unleash it on the popular site.

CHISINAU, July 2 - Sputnik. Creating a video on YouTube has become a profession out of a hobby in recent years - with each passing year more and more video hosting users see it as an additional or primary source of income.

Many users instagram app also is not the first year successfully earn money on it, using it as a stable additional or primary source of income.

bloggers money brings millions of users who subscribe to their channels and personal accounts. So, if you spend a little time to blog promotion, profits in coming will not keep - it is already proved popular bloggers from Russia.

Sputnik Georgia tried to find out how many bloggers are earning on YouTube instagram and what ways of earning exist and how to earn their first money newbie. So……

How many bloggers are earning on YouTube

Profit, as the statistics show, can bring the blog open to any of the well-known Internet sites. The main way of profit becomes ads that are inserted before or during the movie.

Therefore, more and more people use the opportunity to turn their knowledge and skills in an additional or primary source of income without any investment, since the computer and other gadgets with video cameras that allow you to easily create videos and upload them to your YouTube channel almost every person.

At the same time, make a YouTube are all - regardless of age and activity: students, employees, businessmen, pensioners.

the amount of income that can be unlimited, depends on many factors - the average owner vidiobloga 1000 Visits charged 0.7-1.5 dollars, corresponding to 48-89 rubles.

According to statistics, most videoblogerov - owners own channel on YouTube, the popular video sharing earn less than 500 dollars a month.

To income exceeded $ 1,000 take months of hard work and some knowledge, and you can already be called a professional Moneymaker.

Bloggers have more than 100 thousand subscribers, and the same number of common views, earn a lot of money. For minimum 100,000 page views per day the channel will be profitable from $ 50 to $ 150 per day. The month yield of the channel will vary from 1500 to 4150 dollars.

Accordingly, in rubles, this amount will be from 2977 to 8931 thousand rubles a day, and by 89 300 to 268 thousand rubles per month.

What determines the earnings on YouTube

Earnings on video sharing depends primarily on the theme chosen for the video blog, and money topics traditionally considered business, finance, construction, medicine and tourism.

The topics of expensive advertising, the main income on YouTube, is expensive, because there is profit advertisers several times more than the cheap. Therefore, to create content to be popular and expensive theme, where you can earn more.

It is important to the quality of video and overall professional work on his YouTube channel - is the key to long-term demand for your video and revenue growth.

Also important well-chosen keywords for headlines and video descriptions - this will help users to easily find them, and over time, you can turn them into regular subscribers and viewers of your channel. Regular channel update is also important - it will help you make more money on YouTube.

So, all the necessary work has been completed, but that the channel began to generate income, you need to monetize it. In addition to advertising from the YouTube, you can find direct advertisers and sell them links and screensavers in your video, connect the affiliate programs or selling products or services.

The most profitable way is considered to be the sale of their goods or services - selling your products, you will respectively receive all the money you can earn through advertising. While contextual advertising, the simplest and most common way you get only a small portion of the money. It should be noted that the income coming from the transitions of users targeted ads is the most stable.

Affiliate Programs - an excellent earnings for uzkotematichnyh YouTube channels with good attendance, if you do not want to sell their own products or services. The commission on each affiliate sales is 40% or higher.

And you can earn on another video - this will have to find the videos and post them on your channel, and then just as zamonetizirovat their affiliate programs, or other contextual advertising.

But this method has several disadvantages, including you can sue for copyright infringement, and, at any time, he can remove your YouTube videos and channel lock.

There is also a combined income - your blog + YouTube channel. This "duo" can increase the amount of traffic and create additional opportunities for earnings.

Once you have decided on the monetization process, you need to correctly place his tools on your channel. For example, if you decide that you will be earning on YouTube with the help of affiliate programs, then you should consider how you will be referred to partner products to buy them as much as possible on your channel.

How and how much you can earn in instagram

Earn in instagram possible by selling advertising - placing money advertising positions on performing simple tasks, such as subscription, Like, comment, from the sale of goods and services, both their own and others', with its service or program.

You can also earn from services Social Media Marketing (SMM) - distant work on promotion pages in instagram network.

Earnings from advertising, if the untwisted account is 500 rubles per a post above. On affiliate programs in a day, you can also earn 500 rubles, and husky - from 300 rubles. Direct sales, sales of pictures and promotion of its services starting amount is not limited.

But to earn advertising will be possible if there is an interesting and unique content. There are several methods that allow you to sell advertising. The first and most welcome - this is when an advertiser yourself you find that there is often a certain level.

If your page will become really popular, then you also have to choose - whose ads place today, someone later in a queue.

The average price for a promotional post is about $ 300, but the popular western bloggers in instagram, with the number of subscribers by 100,000, and can earn $ 800 for advertising the post.

Thus, the level of earnings instagram bloggers affect all three factors - the theme, quality of content, number of subscribers and active.

TOP-5 Russian bloggers

According to recent data, the number of subscribers leader Ivangay (EeOneGuy) - Ivan Rudskoy from Dnepropetrovsk. The channel, which received more than 11.8 million subscribers, you can find a variety of videos - passing games, jokes, stories from the life of a young boy. According to some estimates, the annual income of Ivan from conducting channel is more than 300 thousand dollars (about 18 million).

Show "100 500" with a leading Maxim Golopolosov (AdamThomasMoran) gained more than 8.3 million subscribers. Max makes the reviews on funny videos from the Internet. Max genuinely surprised and makes humorous comments. Annual income from the blog is more than 250 thousand dollars (about 15 million).

Yuri Freezer with Nick Frost take the next place. It signed the order of 6.6 million subscribers, which is prepared countless letspleev on various games, followed by enough witty humor Yuri. The average annual income of the reference channel - 140 thousand dollars (about 8.3 million).

Stas Davydov, with his show "This is Good" scored about 5.9 million subscribers. His theme is the review of the funny video found on the Internet. According to approximate estimates, the annual income from the canal generates about 150 thousand dollars (about 8.9 million).

Fashion blog TheKateClapp, which leads Ekaterina Romanova has collected more than 5.6 million subscribers. Determine exactly beauty-blogger revenue is difficult because in addition to the revenues from the "reference" of advertising they receive revenue from advertising cosmetics and clothes, which overlooks on their channels. Romanava annually receives about 100 thousand dollars a year (more than 5.9 million rubles).

The richest and most expensive

The Russian research agency bloggers (Riaba) has estimated revenues from advertising popular bloggers. The study involved YouTube users, instagram and LiveJournal, the audience of more than one million people.

At the analysis took into account only those positions in instagram and YouTube, in which the advertising is present, and prices for its accommodation have been refined through the official representatives of bloggers. Research conducted from October to December 2016, published on the website Riaba.

According to the results, the richest blogger found Valentin Petukhov, known on YouTube under the name Wylsacom. His income is 26.9 million rubles. Behind him settled Olga Buzova (24.6 million), Stas Davydov (23.9 million), Ksenia Borodina (19 million rubles) and Ksenia Sobchak (16.5 million rubles).

The study "The most expensive blogger" Ivangay lead - the cost of advertising on its YouTube channel worth 1,350 million rubles. In second place Kate Klep - one million rubles. Followed by Maryana Ro - 765,000 rubles, Stas Davydov - 765 000 rubles. The top five Sasha Spielberg, who received 520 thousand rubles.

The material is based on open source

HOW earns INSTAGRAM bloggers Huda Kattan ...

How many earn Instagram top bloggers?
Recording: How many earn Instagram top bloggers?

Social network Instagram bloggers earn advertising publishing posts. This is the main type of activity on the site. Many ordinary people are interested in the question, how much money are successful bloggers and opinion leaders. In fact, it all depends on the number of subscribers on the page and the level of impact that inflyuenser on your audience.

We have already published the rating instagram bloggers with the largest number of subscribers in the world and Russia. Now it's time to take an interest income celebrity! It is easy to assume the following pattern: the more followers, the more expensive advertising publication. The "warmer" audience, the better chance to start cooperation with major advertisers.

Studying the list of the most popular bloggers, social network (and, of course, focusing on their price lists for advertising), you can not even believe in such figures. They are really able to turn the head of its size. But you want it or not, these figures are accurate. So, get ready to be surprised!

Exact figures for the earnings of top bloggers Instagram. Overall Rating:

  1. Kylie Jenner - The cost of advertising the post - $ 1 million.
  2. Selena Gomez - advertising the remaining cost - $ 800,000.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo - The cost of advertising the post - $ 750,000.
  4. Kim Kardashian - The cost of advertising the post - 720,000.
  5. Beyonce Knowles-Carter - 115 million followers (price: $ 700,000).
  6. Dwayne Johnson - (price: $ 650,000).
  7. Justin Bieber - 100 million followers (price: $ 630,000).
  8. Neymar - 101 million followers (price: $ 600,000).
  9. Lionel Messi - 95 million followers (price: $ 500,000).
  10. Kendall Jenner - 92 million followers (price: $ 500,000).

In this rating includes celebrities from around the world. These individuals represent a wide variety of industries. They make really huge money for accommodation of commercial publications. However, this kind of earnings attracted not only celebrities, but also promoted other bloggers.


  1. Huda Kattan (price for one position - $ 33,000). 26 million followers on the page.
  2. Zoe Sugg (per one ost - $ 16,000). 10 million followers on the page.
  3. Nikki de Jager (per one post - $ 15 750). 10 million followers on the page.
  4. Naomi Dzhianopulos (price for one position - $ 12,000). 7 million followers on the page.
  5. Jeffrey Starr (per one post - $ 10 500). 6 million followers on the page.


  1. Bella Hadid (price: $ 27 000 for the publication). 18 million followers.
  2. Emily Emily Ratajkowski (price: $ 26 500 for the publication). 18 million followers.
  3. Chiara Ferrand (price: $ 19 500 for the publication). 13 million followers.
  4. Gianluca Vacca (price: $ 16 750 for the publication). 11 million followers.
  5. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (price: $ 11 500 for the publication). 8 million followers.

Fitness bloggers

  1. Sommer Ray (per position - $ 29,000). Number of followers - 18 million people.
  2. Michelle Levine (per position - $ 22,500). Number of followers - 13 million people.
  3. Jen Selter (per position - $ 19,250). Number of followers - 12 million people.
  4. Ana Cheri (per position - $ 18,000). Number of followers - 11 million people.
  5. Agnelli Sagra (per position - $ 16,600). Number of followers - 10 million people.


  1. Jamie Oliver. Subscribers - 6 million people. Price: $ 8000 for 1 publication.
  2. Gordon Ramsay. Subscribers - 4 million people. Price: $ 5500 for 1 publication.
  3. Rosanna Pansino. Subscribers - 3 million people. Price: $ 4500 for 1 publication.
  4. Yolanda Gump. Subscribers - 2 million people. Price: $ 3500 for 1 publication.
  5. Joe Wicks. Subscribers - 2 million people. Price: $ 2650 for 1 publication.

Impressive, is not it? These users have managed to conquer the audience with the dedication and versatility of a creative nature. The last category of bloggers today:


  1. Garrett & Jessica Guy. Followers - 1 million people. The cost of an advertising publishing - $ 23,000.
  2. Paul Nicklen. Followers - 4 million people. The cost of an advertising publishing - $ 9250.
  3. Chris Burkard. Followers - three million people. The cost of an advertising publishing - $ 8800.
  4. Jack Morris. Followers - 2 million people. The cost of an advertising publishing - $ 8250.
  5. Lauren Bullen. Followers - 2 million people. The cost of an advertising publishing - $ 6000.

Earns how much bloggers INSTAGRAM | EPICSTARS

As a blogger make more - and not so obvious tips on monetizing your Instagram profile.


classification of bloggers

Several years ago, a blogger with thousand audience could be considered popular. Today, a blog should be an audience of at least five thousand active users. Stars and showbiz representatives have hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of subscribers.

Photo 1. On Instagram model Kendall Jenner signed more than 85 million people

If a blogger is not a star or celebrity, it claimed to be, he chooses a theme for your blog and publishes an interesting article on this topic. Themes can also be a beautiful life. Such authors called lifestyle-bloggers.

Photo 2. Photographer Daria Zhukova teaches readers to live a beautiful and varied

In addition to the division into subjects, bloggers also conditionally divided by the number of audience mikroblogery (up to 100,000 subscribers) and bloggers (over 100 000 subscribers). Usually with mikroblogerami cooperate startups and bloggers - known companies held.

How many bloggers are earning in Instagram

The fewer subscribers in the blog author, the less it takes for advertising. Blogger decides how much is it advertising, but there is a certain standard rates. If advertising posts blogger laykayut an average of 2 000 people, over one-time advertising it will ask 2000 - 4000 rubles.

Thus, we can derive approximate prices.

  • Advertising bloggers with an audience of 4-10 thousand. Man worth an average of 500-1000 rubles.
  • . Advertising bloggers with an audience of 20-30 thousand people will cost 2000 - 5000 rubles.
  • Advertising bloggers with an audience of 50-100 thousand. People will cost 10,000-30,000 rubles.

Top bloggers and celebrities are asked to advertise in their accounts more than 100 000 rubles.

What bloggers earn

Advertising in Stories. Such advertising prices often lower in several times than a mention in the post. If you make interesting stories, they will be watching, and therefore likely to sell more ads.

Photo 3. Unobtrusive advertising Stories blogger, a story about life in Egypt

Advertising the post. The blogger wrote a post in the format of the recommendations, which tells the story of a product that uses the product or, at whose service resorted. The post is written in an easy, relaxed manner, in Instagram format.

Photo 4. The text does not sell stamps. The ad is very easy

Promotional video. More creative and complex work. Blogger is not just studying customer information, but also makes the creative video using the products advertised brand. If this video is most often not handled technical issues, the story has a humorous tone.

Brand Messenger (Ambassador). In this case, the blogger is a brand in social networks on a regular basis.

Photo 5. Ambassodorom can be not only a celebrity personality, but also a popular blogger

The marathon. Marathon - another activity in Instagram. Bloggers often conduct training closed marathons, for participation in which they take money.

Photo 6. Subject marathons always useful, and format - the original

What determines the salary blogger

The number of subscribers. The most obvious indicator. It should work to ensure that subscribers are not random people, and really interested in the theme of your blog. Of course, this should not be robots, but real people live.

Quality of the audience. Even if your audience - live subscribers, it does not mean that it is attractive to an employer. If readers very much, but they do not comment on any comment is always the same few people, the advertiser does not appreciate such a platform.

Involvement. The second most important measure after the number of subscribers. Well, when the audience is large, but how it active? Involvement level indicates the level of interaction with the content subscribers blogger. This figure can be seen in the statistics office in a business account Instagram. There is no accurate information on how it is calculated. In general, it depends on a combination of factors: huskies, comments, number of persons retained the post and the number of subscribers. What is considered normal rate of involvement? The more popular the blog, so below. If this microblogging, for the positive perception of advertiser enough involvement of 10-15%, if it is a blog with a large audience, then 3% would appear appropriate. But we must remember that Instagram is changing rapidly and assessment of involvement, too.

Photo 7. Warm comments for advertising posts blogger always talking about his current popularity

Advertisements density. If advertising blog is one after the other, then at some point, advertisers prefer another blogger. When advertising is too much, it is no longer perceived by the audience. Experienced entrepreneurs and advertisers understand this and prefer to look for authors-beginners.

The popularity of promotional posts. The more laykayut its advertising posts, the higher the price can request blogger. The more layknuli, the greater the chance that subscribe to the advertiser.

As the blogger to increase earnings: Proven Ways

Improving the quality of the blog. The better playground in blogger, the more likely that it will appeal to advertisers. This applies both to the photo / video and text. If the planned work on the blog in all directions, the number of orders will only grow.

Audience building. Attendance is the primary metric that advertisers are analyzed. If you want to increase earnings - Grow audience. For this, use all available methods: vzaimopiar, participating in marathons, free webinars, advertising. Arrange exciting live shows, speak up on current events. Write meaningful comments to posts of other bloggers: You will notice and subscribe.

Enhancing the role as an expert. Publish posts that form the audience an idea of you as an expert. Get a point of knowledge on the subject of your blog and give readers the latest information. Train the audience to what you know. Perform live shows.

Photo 8. Before performing live, ask your subscribers as they are interested in topics

Following fashion trends. Sign up for a high-quality blogs and learn to feel the trends. Read good blogs on smm and track trends. Learn to be a marketer and entrepreneur. It is important to know which photos in fashion now, as telling top bloggers. Be the jet volatile blogosphere.

Related: Earnings in Instagram: methods and their effectiveness

As the blogger to increase earnings: no obvious methods

Naturalness. For bloggers, advertisers are turning to aim to place the native ad that is the one that looks the most natural.

How to make advertising look natural?

  1. Promote products that fit your niche. Ask yourself this question: you can be associated with the advertised product? If yes, take an advertising order.
  2. Talk to subscribers: what to buy advertised his store / what to buy for a gift.
  3. Tell a story, contact the advertiser. Tell us what you bind or bind before. Not necessarily with the brand / store can make the focus on the product.
  4. If you are promoting a blogger, mention fast that you most caught.
  5. Associate the ad post with your current problem. Specify how the brand has helped you solve it.
  6. Be different. Alternate different advertising techniques in different positions. Do not forget to be sincere.

Communication in the comments. Use the comments to strengthen their advertising message. If subscribers are actively involved in the life of the blog, they will comment on the advertising office. Respond to comments of participants, specify incomprehensible for them information.

Photo 9. Ask subscribers to the completion of the advertising post

Studying information about the advertiser. Take an hour out to explore the past twenty posts author, look into the depths of his Instagram, see where he started. If this brand - examine all the available information about it, check out the brand mission. Important for you to understand the main advantage of the advertiser, and pass it on to his post. Otherwise, the post will surface and will hook readers.

Improving writing skills. Learn to tell interesting about everything. Make up stories, write them down, share with others and see the reaction. The more interesting will your posts, the stronger the desire of advertisers to address to you.

Discounts. Offer discounts on re-advertising. Do not argue that, "Cheaper by the Dozen." Tell us why you profitable reorder advertising: who have already taken advantage of this offer and what it gave results. Think of advertising consisting of two consecutive posts. Thus, you will strengthen the advertising message. Offer advertisers mention them live a few days after the release of the advertising post.

Communication with the client / receiving feedback. Be friendly, unobtrusive and responsible. Many bloggers. Some advertisers have to choose from. Personal qualities will help you to stand out and stay afloat. Write to the advertiser a few weeks after the placement of advertising. Ask what the results given publicity, whether he was satisfied and that you can consider for the future.


  1. You can make money at a young blog, if the audience is active and loves the author.
  2. To earn stable, it is necessary to build a good relationship with customers and do not abuse advertising.
  3. In the blog quality and value of earnings, there is a direct link.
  4. Communicate in a comment under the post advertising. Emphasize the virtues of the brand and clarify the obscure nuances.
  5. Maintain customer feedback and is always set on a long-term relationship.

Instagram Secrets: How to stop to photograph the food and ...

Instagram - a phenomenon, a social network or a data base of beautiful photos? The answer to this question is simple - all together! Instagram began as a start-up in 2010, suddenly became popular, and now he is not only on everyone's lips, but many on the smartphone.

Now Instagram more than 700 million users. Not every service can boast of such a huge audience.

Mark Zuckerberg in Instagram

Today we will learn some "chips" and the peculiarities of Instagram, which may not even know experienced "instagrammer". Come on, advice on Instagram!

1. It is difficult to remember what you're publishing layknuli a week ago? If you want to see the publication that you like - make it very simple. Click on "Options" and select Instagram "You liked the publication." Everything is there.

2. Instagram is available not only from a mobile application, but also from the browser. Just type, enter your username and password, and the tape will be opened in front of you. You can put the huskies and view photos. Posts, unfortunately, are not available.

3. To follow the publications of a particular person in Instagram, you need to make a couple of "clicks". For this purpose, open his profile, then the upper right click on 3 points. Select "Enable notifications publications." And if you want to see what your friends laykayut, simply go to your favorite photo. Then click on "Subscriptions".

4. If you are viewing the tape of man and do not want to accidentally layknut his photographs - enough to turn on Airplane mode on your phone. Now you can view your pictures and nothing to fear.

5. There are situations when you do the photo, but then I'm not sure to spread it to Instagram or not. Or simply do not have time to come up with the right hashtags and apply filters. If you stop half way - there is a way. Just click the "Back" at the stage of processing photos, Instagram and "ask" whether to save the image as a draft. next to the "Gallery" The next time the picture will be available in the download list.

6. Create a "story." Not everyone knows that in Instagram Stories were originally copied from other popular applications - Snapchat. Stories - small (or stupid) pieces of your life that you do not want to lay out on a permanent basis in Instagram feed. It can be an image, a short video, or even live. Now, such stories have become incredibly popular. For example, use them even Pavel Durov (creator of Vkontakte and Telegram).

"History" disappear within 24 hours, in which you can use a variety of stickers, animations, effects. To start creating the "History", you need to click on the "+" in the upper left corner of your profile.

7. Sometimes there are moments when publishing a few photos. For example, you want to share with your friends the full panorama of the mountains or the beautiful waterfront. In Instagram can load multiple photos. Just when you select a photo, click on the button in the form of a square. For each photo, you can apply a filter. At the same time, you can upload up to 10 photos.

8. You have something to publish, but the description is in error. It is necessary to correct the text or delete the photo. Publication can be edited even after it was in the film. Push to 3 points above publication and click "Change". Editing is available again.

9. If you want to share a link to a photo in Instagram with a friend, in which it is not - no problem! To do this, click on the 3 dots at the top of the publication, select "Copy Link Location." Now you can paste it into an email or instant messenger. So your friend can see that same picture.

10. To make a collage of several photos, you can download Layout from Instagram. This app recommends itself Instagram. It is really a lot of settings to create beautiful collages. It is possible to select all the photos, which depict the faces of people. Recommended for use.

11. Instagram photos taken leave under not only a description, but also to put hashtags. It is not that other, as the theme of your photos. Hashtags for your photo in the search will be able to find other users. Thus it is possible to get more subscribers. If your dog photos - write #dog, if you are in London - #london. And let hashtags will be several. In the same publication is allowed to use up to 30 hashtags.

12. In order to make Instagram more private, there are several functions. If you do not like what you say in the pictures, then turn on the option "Add manually" in "Settings" - "Photos of you". After enabling this option without your permission no one mentions in a photo.

The following global settings Instagram - «Closed account". If you enable this feature in "Options", then no one can become a subscriber of your profile without prior approval. In this case, strangers can not see your publication. If you want to make Instagram more "family", the function is uniquely right for you. At the same time, of course, it hurts your popularity because for the majority of account will be closed. Think twice before enabling this feature.

13. If you still have activated the "Account Closed", it is time to create a second - public. There can be several. You may decide to open an account dedicated exclusively to cars or gardening. In any case, Instagram allows you to do this. Go to the "Options", go down to the bottom and there we find the "Add Account". Conveniently!

14. Instagram could really consume a lot of traffic. He's just a real monster! Photos, video, animation. In order to save, be sure to enable the "Use less data." It is located in the "Options" - "The use of data in the network."

15. Do you like to travel? Going somewhere and want to see the latest pictures of this place? This tool will help Instagram. Click on the search icon and then on the line to enter text. Enter the name of the city or place. For example, Rome. Select the tab "Places". Now you will see all the recent publications of Rome. Choose, laykayte, look at the city through the eyes of its residents.

16. There are times when you need to share a photo in Instagram with only 3-5 people. In this case, it makes no sense to post pictures for all to see. On the Direct come. This is a small internal messenger in Instagram. Pass on the tape top right to "click" on the icon of a paper plane, then press the "+". Choose those who need to send pictures or write a text. All.

17. Instagram photos, you can disable the filters that you do not use. They are there really a lot, so you can get lost. If you use only Lark - in other makes no sense. Turning off! We reach the filter menu. "Scroll" right to the end and click "Manage." We note there are filters that use the most. Done!

18. For those who are engaged in commercial activities, Instagram is a function "Switch to the profile of the company." It gives advanced features. In particular, you can see the statistics and the coverage of your audience. You can specify the address, phone, e-mail for your company. In short, almost a full-fledged website. Now, potential customers can call you or go to the official website of the company.

19. Like the photo? Add a bookmark. Click on the icon "Share" under the photo, and it will appear in a special section accessible only to you.

All tips are relevant for Instagram version 29.0 for Android. We wish you many thousands of likes and followers!

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