OZON.ru triggers delivery scooters

OZON.ru triggers delivery scooters

OZON.ru begin to deliver on scooters in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar OZON.ru develops a new type of delivery - delivery scooters. Delivery scooter is scheduled for the summer in the center of Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and Krasnodar. Scooters will be used for the express delivery of orders along with the fleet of cars OZON.ru.
Courier scooter thanks to the dimensions of the vehicle can maneuver on a busy road, not to stand in traffic jams, and to move between cars.
The fleet OZON.ru until 12 scooters Honda Gyro Canopy. The decision to expand the park scooters will be made after assessment of the results at the end of the season.
Scooters are easy to operate and roomy with its size. Scooter accommodate up to 15 orders with a total weight of 40 kg.
After the end of the season the weather Moto delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Yekaterinburg equipment will be sent to the Southern Federal District, where the delivery truck season is twice longer than in the rest of Russia.
Alex Os'kin, CEO Easy Way: «Delivery of scooters - pretty interesting idea, designed for implementation in countries with temperate climates. Despite the fact that this delivery is very rapid, it is possible to note its main disadvantage - the limited period of use in the conditions of Russian reality. This makes it impossible to provide a stable service during the entire calendar year, which poses a risk of loss of reputation for serious, stable courier companies. Customers spoiled for summer certain speed conditions of delivery, it will not be easy to perceive changes in the quality of service during the winter season. Do not forget that this type of transport only apply to transport "melkoshtuchki" because it has obvious limitations on the size of the shipment. In addition, downtime scooters - it's actually more on the content of the double fleet costs. " Natalia Pletnev, Director of DPD sales in Russia and SPSR Express: «This type of delivery, first of all, logistics companies is considered in terms of cooperation with crowdsourcing platforms. The probability that in the next few years major express carriers will acquire this type of fleet transport is rather low. The advantages of this type include maneuverability, which is extremely important in large cities with dense traffic and traffic jams, lower maintenance costs (compared to cars) and the speed of movement (compared with couriers on foot). Cons are the same in the limit on the size of the transported items and limited seasonal scooters: standard motorcycle season in Moscow lasts for about 6 months, but the constant rain this summer involuntarily suggest the potential of personal watercraft in the capital. This, of course, a joke, but with large volumes of delivery, we can not afford so much depend on the vagaries of nature. In addition, most of the couriers on scooters - this is likely, young people, so taking into account the high value of orders need to pay special attention to the search and verification of employees, development of motivation programs, etc. In DPDgroup have a successful experience with European delivery bikes and bikes: last year the holding has acquired start-Stuart, who is engaged in transportation of parcels in five large cities using bicycles and motorbikes. "

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