What to do with the economy of Russia?

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Boris Kuzyk, Director General of Industrial Holding company "New Programs and Concepts" (NPK)

For the normal development of business, the economy, I believe, "defense" should be given more freedom. The decision, which was recently accepted by the president regarding the export of spare parts for weapons systems directly to the producers, just to help address this issue.

By property form enterprise "defense" belonging to the leading "non-oil" economic sector are distributed approximately in equal proportions: pure state, with mixed and private. The role of government, as I understand it, lies in the fact, to formulate those rules and follow their strict compliance. With the government private traders may well work together. Get at least holding "New Programs and Concepts". Not so long ago, our company signed a tripartite agreement with the Kolomna Machine-Building Design Bureau (KBM) and Kovrov Mechanical Plant (KMZ). KBM is a state enterprise and developer products such as portable anti-aircraft missile system "Igla" anti-tank guided missile "Ataka", etc. These products and their components are produced on the part of the holding private enterprise -. KMZ. SPC has invested tens of millions of rubles in the enterprise restructuring and the establishment of new industrial complexes. The initiative was supported by the Russian Agency for Conventional Weapons, the Ministry of Defense - the main customer and the "Rosoboronexport" as a leading exporter.

Andrey Tsyganov, Deputy Minister for Antimonopoly Policy and Entrepreneurship Support

To revive Russian aviation industry, which could be "innovative" stimulus for the economy, it is proposed to create a unified aircraft corporation.

To the suggestion, I am as a business idea. If a business believes that such a company will be effective, that it can invest and they will be received within a reasonable time, it is quite a sensible idea. Revived aviation industry, of course, will not bring the whole economy to a new level, but certainly will contribute to this.

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It is clear that the "pure" Russian aircraft is unlikely to be able to create. As a national idea - let's build our aircraft, which will be our glider, our engines, our avionics, even our upholstery on the chairs, etc. -.. Such a proposal does not hold water. Foreign companies, by the way, do not put us insurmountable barriers, not distance themselves from us. Plane or any other high-tech product - is the result of co-operation in the global economy. Is, for example, "pure" Russian aircraft IL-96, which are American engines? It is clear that there is, although the engines - it's half the cost.

Eugene Kurgin, CEO of "ROSNO" Insurance Company

The issue of transparency of companies is of great importance, perhaps, for the entire Russian economy. When you pay attention to any enterprise or company in the first place you are interested in - and how do they work? Do you have business income, what are the maintenance costs, what it spends money and how to make them? All these issues are now mostly hidden, not only from the competition eye. But the solution to the problem is possible. One of the ways - Translation of Russian accounting statements to international standards. International standards will make company management to look in a new way that is a business within companies.

If you will type the reports, all the people who come into contact with you or communicate with, see how you work. Because many such hidden behind fences that detect the reality can only be tax inspections, which continues for two or three months in the statutory financial statements. Therefore, the path is only one - the transition to international accounting standards. Banks do so as early as 2004. I think that insurance companies, essentially working as financial institutions, far removed from the banks, and their transition to IFRS must be implemented almost simultaneously with the banks. 2005 for this would be the most optimal, in my opinion.

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